The Books

No Mans Moor

The population of Great Britain is struggling with the economic impact of the newly ended Napoleonic Wars and a mystifyingly cold spring threatens to destroy the crops and harvests.

Fordy Robson, living at Worlds End Inn on the remote No Mans Moor in the North Riding of Yorkshire, naïvely believes the problems facing the nation won’t affect him. With an established lucrative side line dealing in smuggled goods and ambitions to expand his horse breeding enterprise, he thinks he has his future planned out.

However, one dark night while out collecting contraband tea he stumbles across a young woman. Initially unaware she is Anna, daughter of Sir Robwyn Stillerton, owner of the estate where the smuggling is based, he finds events and feelings develop beyond his control and Fordy begins to realise there is a price to pay for everything in life.

World End

Julia is fascinated by the old property that sits at the bottom of the family farm. Mile End House has been empty for over ten years since the owner Roger Meanley died and Julia has enjoyed the visiting it over the years.

Walking through the house alone she found it an escape from the realities of her life and her unhappy marriage She felt that she had built up a relationship with the house and the ghostly presence that appeared to haunt the upstairs rooms. Out of the blue a buyer appears. Fearing the new owners will transform the old house into a modern shiny open plan home, she is relieved to find the purchaser is an old friend of her husbands.

Retired from the army, Johnny is sympathetic towards the history of Mile End and as he and Julia strike up a friendship they begin to uncover some of the secrets that lie within the walls of Mile End. As Julia begins to answer some of her questions about Mile End she grows in confidence and is able to address some difficult issues in her life and begins to fulfil some of her own ambitions.